ampere, a Wireless Charging Phone Sleeve

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Industrial Designer Delane Foo was pursuing a degree at NUS Industrial Design, when she decided to take leave of absence and co-found Novelsys. Her first product, the ampere wireless charging phone sleeve launches today at 8.10 pm on Kickstarter. Wireless is one way of describing Delane’s first product; another way is ‘just-drop-and-charge-works-every-time’. The sleeve is made for Android and iPhone, comes in a petite or plus size and is available in blackest black, blushberry, brogue and -my choice colour- midnight black.

Here’s Delane, getting all technical on us: “ampere’s easily-accessible USB ports enable you to recharge the sleeve, charge an additional device, or to fast-charge your smartphone when you urgently need more power. Charging is four times faster than a normal USB. Designed with the highest build quality, ampere has a battery slimmer than a pencil, encased in unbending aluminium to dissipate heat, wrapped in premium, durable fabric that can weather the pressures of daily use. ampere includes a battery and wireless charger so you can keep your smartphone going all day. You can control when charging begins, monitor ampere’s battery levels in minutes and hours, use your phone to find ampere when you’ve misplaced it, and password-protect ampere.”




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