Banner Shuffle: Ly Yeow + Giveaway!

With the December banner up now, we know that Christmas is well and truly upon us, and Culturepush is here to help. Running from tomorrow until Sunday, you will find specially curated picks of smart and practical, to festive and fashionable, indulgent and affordable ideas, as well as the ultimate playlist to listen to. So before you even think about heading out into the crowds and begin your present-buying race, this is the place to start.

About the banner
Always drawing cats, Ly Yeow‘s first encounter with dogs began from fostering a stray dog Heyhey. Drawing from the good memories spent with the furry one, she created these illustrations for the Mongrels are Awesome 2014 exhibition. Tees of all three designs are available for sale from the artist at $28 each with 50% of net proceeds donated to Three Legs Good.

Culturepush is giving away 3 Tees.  Email with “Gimme a T you ugly mutt” in the subject line. The contest is open to Singapore-based readers only. (UPDATE: WE HAVE 3 WINNERS!)



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