24-Hour Comics Day with ‎Christal and Reuben

Last Saturday at LASALLE, College of the Arts, 180 creatives flocked to compete in the 24-Hour Comics Day. Christal J. Kuna and Reuben Liang were among this year’s participants and we caught up with the duo to find out what it’s like to churn out 24 pages of comics in 24 hours.

Christal is a drum teacher at My Drum School by trade and a hobbyist illustrator. Reuben is a student at the National University of Singapore who dabbles in writing and music in his spare time. Here they are …

Christal: “I was first introduced to the 24-hour comics day back in 2011, and decided to give it a go to overcome my procrastination: I’d always wanted to create a comic but never felt like I was good enough. Four years later, I’ve successfully completed my fourth 24 hour comic, the first that’s been a collaboration! Being together with a huge number of creative people in one place making comics through the night is a strangely addictive experience. What I appreciate most is how it’s such a safe and supportive space to express yourself and see what you come up with under the self-imposed constraints of limited time, and of course the wide range of fellow artists and comic enthusiasts met, from students to professionals to hobbyists.”

Reuben:  “Honestly …  it wasn’t easy! To give a little background, I haven’t been writing stories in ages, and the week before the event was my exams. Nonetheless, trusting the great Muse, taking deep breaths, and sounding out ideas with my partner helped us create a workable story idea. Watching her hard at work translating those ideas from words to canvas made me realize how fortunate we were to be working as a team – despite having walked into the venue without a plan, we walked out of it with a completed work of art! Personally, it was a transformative and inspiring experience: the environment of artists working at their craft in a 24 hour constraint can really turn an empty canvas into a beautiful one – and seeing that magic happen all around me makes me want to tell more stories.”

Click here to see all 24 pages of Christal and Reuben’s comic titled All That Flitters.



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