Re(Cut) by Engku Nur Hafiszah

Over the last few weeks we have highlighted some of the artists from the Noise Apprenticeship Programme (TAP). To round off the series, we briefly chat to apprentice Engku Nur Hafiszah about her 2-Channel Video Re(Cut).

The title of your project is Re(Cut) – can you tell us a little about that?

“The idea was conceived when I was in the midst of doing an initial project idea for Noise about an old barbershop. Though I was there to do my research, I felt odd and slightly out-of-place being in a barbershop as I was the only hijab woman there, among a couple of men. I decided to explore further on why I was feeling that way which brought me eventually to Re(Cut).

“The hijab is a personal identity that is unique to each Muslim woman. Hence Re(Cut) is a personal exploration in which Hafiszah questions and redefines the identity and stereotypes surrounding the hijab. The hair salon acts as a metaphor for the environment in which the hijab woman lives in. Here she questions and reflects upon the true intention of wearing the hijab. She tries to adapt to the environment and yet challenges its system. She is a strong woman who is committed to her beliefs and makes her own choices.”

Who is Hafiszah?

“I am a film graduate from School of Art design and Media at Nanyang Technological University and I am hoping to pursue my masters in fine arts. I am working as a freelance props master as well as a wardrobe stylist.”



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