Pass By by Ng Si Ying

Ng Si Ying is currently studying for a BFA Visual Communication at the Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media. The work she has created under the guidance of TAP Mentor Jerry Goh is about the act of clinging. Here’s her story.

“Despite life’s constant flux, we choose to cling on to its impermanence. The ones that pass by, the things that pass by, the minutes that pass by. There are a total of ten chapters in this book, each constituting to the many things we hold on to. Shadows are an expression of the brief transition of life, of the impermanent things we cling on to. The reader’s shadow indicate temporary presence, as one passes by to hold space. We catch a glimpse of things as one interacts with it—the shadow; it manifests, it warps, it changes, and then it disappears.”

The Noise Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) exhibition runs at SAM at 8Q (8 Queen Street) until 7 September. Admission is free.



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