Obscura by Tiffany Loy

If you have been searching for an ambient sound and image projector for your iPhone then we definitely suggest the Obscura. Launched on HAYSTAKT, the Obscura is made up of a lens which projects the images on screen, and a sound flap, which directs music to the people behind it.

Designer Tiffany Loy: “There are many good-quality smart phone projectors in the market. They are compact, and portable. So why make another one out of card and magnifying lens? I believe there is something delightful about a completely analog add-on to a techy product – like an obscura for a smart phone. There’s something nice about super low-tech solutions.”

Tiffany was trained in industrial design and prototyping at the National University of Singapore and the Design Incubation Centre. Her approach to design is focused on materials, alternative fabrication methods, and the experience of the physical object. “I believe that the physical form of any object, however small, is very important, because it contributes to our experience when we interact with it. In my projects I love to be involved in the fabrication process, because a big part of the design development happens there. Understanding the way things are constructed leads to greater sensitivity in design details. There’s so much we can learn from manufacturers.”

I suggest you visit Tiffany’s page on HAYSTAKT for more details about her project.



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