Spotted! Samantha Germaine Sim

Samantha Germaine Sim is a LASALLE Graduate (Diploma) majoring in Animation Art, who trifles in 2D animation and illustrations.”Open your mind and animate your world, is a little quote that I live by and that has inspired me till this very day to keep doing what I love.”

The first series of works was made as a concept art piece for a personal comic project, where Samantha created her very own original characters. “Exploring their expressions as well as gestures and scenes which might take place in the comic. I also enjoy sketching a lot in my sketch book as I carry it wherever I go, not missing any moment that passes me by. I really enjoy designing characters and creating concepts, as I can take, shape and explore all the different types of boundaries that I can experiment with and thus enabling me to be a better artist.”

The second series shows layouts and a poster Samantha created for “My Nightmare”, a music video project and “Ya.Sai Vegetables”, a television commercial in collab with her partner Andrew Guojun Unwin. “We were both greatly inspired by Japanese culture as well as the cartoon series “Dexter’s Laboratory”, thus referencing some of these elements in our animated film.”



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