NAFA Fine Art Diploma Grad Show

You only have till July 5 to catch this year’s Fine Art Diploma Graduation Show, and here’s a first look at two of the projects on display.

Necessary Labour by Syamil Dasuki features 24 wax babies and a 40 minute 3 channel video projection which documents the casting process. The 24 wax babies represent the 48hour work-week (as recommended by MOH) as the process of each cast takes about 2 hours. The multimedia installation that plays on the word, ‘labour’. Labour can refer to productive labour where one expends his energy in either a service or in the production of something; or it could mean a reproductive labour, where a mother is said to be ‘in labour’ when she is about to give birth. This installation brings both ideas together in an ironic juxtaposition.”

This series of portraits entitled MA, reveals a window into Amanda Lim’s relationship with her mother, and portrays a strong need for filial affection.

The NAFA Fine Art Degree Graduation Show runs through 5 July at NAFA Galleries 1 & 2 and Lim Hak Tai Gallery, NAFA Campus 1.



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