Exhibition: #EatDrinkArt

(from the press release)

‘#EatDrinkArt’ is a food art exhibition where multi-talented creatives come together to celebrate all things food and art by turning ordinary ingredients commonly found in Mad Nest’s kitchen, into extraordinary pieces of art.

Each creative is assigned a mystery key ingredient from one of the three cuisines currently being offered at Mad Nest — Thai, Argentine, Japanese. They are then given the freedom to explore the artistic possibilities with the ingredient and to impress with a final art piece. Eventually, these art pieces will be sold and part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Joining us in this celebration are 14 creatives that span the realms of illustration, photography, craft, calligraphy, fashion and styling. From Ultraviolets Design known for her humourous graphic illustrations, to Grace Ciao for her beautiful petal fashion illustrations, to Craft Varies for his fine calligraphy works and to Caleb & Gladys for their surreal and dramatic take on fashion photography.

Participating Artists:
CALEB & GLADYS (Fashion Photography), CHERYL CHAN & TAWAN CONCHONNET (Fashion Styling & Photography), C+C&CO (Art Direction), CLAY KUOK (Art Direction), CRAFT VARIES (Calligraphy), PAULINE IBARRA (Calligraphy), MARY BERNADETTE LEE (Fine Arts), LY YEOW (Jewellery Design & Illustration), JOYCELYN WONG (Illustration), GRACE CIAO (Fashion Illustration), LIMZY (Craft & Illustration), TERESA LIM (Fashion Design), MARLENE MAJELLA CHIA (Graphic Design) and ULTRAVIOLETS DESIGN (Graphic Design).

The exhibition opens tomorrow and runs through 5 September at Mad Nest.



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