Nurture designed by Felicia Clare Paul

To NUS Industrial Design graduate, Felicia Clare Paul, design is the problem solving mechanism of the 21st century. “I love problem solving and thinking creatively towards an end outcome that enhances the overall user experience. Making life better through design is what inspires me most and drives my passion for design. To enable people through design is to me, a personal fulfilment.”

About her graduation project: “Nurture is a new soft structured baby carrier that enables and encourages mothers to sustain their breastfeeding efforts past 2 months as they take breastfeeding to the public. By ensuring proper posture for the baby, the carrier ensures a proper latch which is crucial for when breastfeeding. The design allows for an easy switch from a carrying position to a breastfeeding position through the use of a drawstring mechanism, allowing mothers ease in lowering their baby to their breast. Nurture affords security and discretion, giving mothers the much-needed confidence and encouraging them to sustain their breastfeeding efforts when breastfeeding in public.”



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