Join the mutineers on the artbounty

A startup in Singapore wants to help budding and unsigned artists make a name for themselves in the local art scene. theartbounty, helps promote, showcase, and sell budding artists’ artworks on the web, and having been recently featured on e27, they are turning their attention to encouraging more artists to submitting their works for showcasing and selling.

Founder Gregory Ong:

“The objective is simple, we want to empower artists with the belief that they can monetise their artworks successfully, and make a living from selling art. We want them to realise that they have the power to boost the local art scene.

In an industry where it is difficult to have your works showcased and sold on a regular basis, especially if you are not signed by a gallery, we hope to provide a freelance platform for these budding artists to carve out a living from selling their artworks. We even encourage students to submit to us. We want to provide a test-bed for these students to discover what works in the market, and what doesn’t.

What we are trying to achieve here might seem like a lot of work, but if we are to truly create an economical environment for artists, this is where we need to start at. We would like to create a community for these artists to earn from, and to gain the recognition that their talent deserves. We want to help our participating artists grow as well, with events such as artists’ talks, and sharing sessions planned. As a startup, there are plenty of new concepts that we are experimenting with, but we hope you come along on this journey with us.”




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