twentyfifteen by Platform

We love an initiative when it comes to showcasing the work of local creatives, and Platform really wowed us with their twentyfifteen folios, inviting 20 photographers to create 15 images documenting the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence.

A folio will be published for each photographer in the months leading up to August 9, 2015. So far, they’ve produced six and for the remaining 14 folios they have launched a crowdsourcing project on

(from the project page)

The 20 photographers, all working in Singapore, include eminent and up-and-coming photographers. They come from diverse backgrounds and shoot in a range of styles. In no particular order, they are: Sean Lee; Chow Chee Yong; Darren Soh; Edwin Koo; Jing Quek; Ernest Goh; Nguan; Tan Ngiap Heng; Sam & Sam (Samuel He and Sam Chin); Ore Hui Ying; Samantha Tio; Robert Zhao; Tay Kay Chin; Kevin WY Lee (Ox); Lim Weixiang; John Clang; Sit Weng San; Zinkie Aw; Matthew Teo; Sim Chi Yin.

The images made by the photographers will be about Singapore- through their unique eyes. It is our hope to contribute to Singapore’s collective memory through photography. In a hundred years from now, people can look back and see how others lived, and how 20 photographers chose to interpret what Singapore meant to them. From the story of a Bangladeshi construction worker to a fictional collection of photos of Singapore from 1925-2025, we guarantee the range of subject matter will be spellbinding. It will be close to our hearts. It will be about us.

The folios are designed by Studio Roots’ Jonathan Yuen, who is on board pro-bono because he believes in this project. The design of each folio is unique and based on a discussion with the photographer on his/her concept.



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