Luwei Ye’s Komfi

Step into the week-end with us and learn about stimulation points, heat sensors, vibrating mechanisms and the Komfi massaging device from aspiring Product Designer, Luwei Ye. “Komfi derives from the word comfort. Inspired by the theory of Chinese Acupuncture, this scarf adornment is a smart massaging device that is designed to take care of muscle tension caused by bad posture. Adapting the idea of stimulation of points on the body, a heat sensor is attached to detect rising temperature caused by muscle tension. If the temperature exceeds presets, it triggers the LEDs in the bubbles to alert the user of bad posture. The bubbles also feature vibrating mechanisms that stimulate the Jian Jing point (a point on shoulder which relieves muscle pains) to better achieve the effect.”

Luwei believes in creating and designing products which enhance the quality and quantity of life. “Simplicity is the basis of my design philosophy, and I strive for maximal impact with minimal substance. I was nurtured in a conservative Chinese environment, and my creative intuition is much influenced by my oriental roots.”



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