Elephant in the Room by Iskandar Thani

Starring Lyon Sim, Kong Yit Sim, Joe Moreira, Ernest Seah. Produced by Ng Qin Ching, Directed by Iskandar Thani, Cinematographer Charlene Ng, Production Designer Pamela Tan, Editor Jay Jun Jie.

It was some images of Iskandar Thani’s final year project that first caught my eye on the ADM Grad Show page, and when I saw the trailer, I decided it was high time to catch up with him to find out a bit more about the Elephant in the Room.

“It is the story of a man born without a soul and his strange quest to fix himself with the aid of his dead mother and a peculiar machine built out of scrap parts. I tell this story hoping to explore the emotions we feel and the journey we go through when someone we love passes on. To be able to have conversations that we used to and be able to have last words is what I would guess many of us pine for. It’s a bit of a too little too late kind of feeling and plenty of ‘what if’s?’ that linger in the air. Ultimately, the film aims to take on the taboo of death and souls yet shy’s away from bringing it to the forefront much like how I feel many of us refuse to speak of it even if it’s the biggest thing in the room.”

About the Director, Iskandar Thani: “I was born a dreamer, raised a dreamer and have, in bits and pieces threaded a dream to tell; one that is filled with an enthusiasm to explore, a respect for tradition and a wide-eyed appreciation for all things subtle and simple in our lives. I also attempt to combine the old and the new, the spoken and the forgotten, the listless and the quiet and the perpetual need to feel and be felt.”



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