Spotted! Rianne Wynn

Rianne Wynn loves working with vibrant organic forms, and the complex yet simple designs of nature are a source of endless inspiration. “Combined with the narrative and metaphorical meaning we can draw from the myriad of life in the world, nature-inspired design touches both my heart and senses. Also, I enjoy getting hands-on and exploring new ideas, and often find myself blurring the lines between art, craft, and design.”

About her Lotus tableware set: “It is a dining set is made up of a cup, bowl, and plate. Inspired by the rich meaning as well as the form of the lotus flower, Lotus tableware hopes to enrich our dining experience, encouraging it to be an oasis in the midst our hectic urban lives. Its elegant yet dynamic design, hand-crafted in wood, reminds us of the lotus’ graceful strength as it blossoms out of the murkiest waters.”

Rianne is a graduating product designer from the NTU, school of Art, Design & Media.



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