Spotted! Gillian Toh

We just discovered Gillian Toh‘s work on the ADM Grad Facebook page and we were knocked sideways into a topsy-turvy wonderland. Flicking through her portfolio reveals delightfully unsettling images of girls jostling for space on the page with jellyfish, tentacles, snakes and err … cupcakes. In other words, weird but wonderful image-making.

Gillian was buried under a pile of graduation work when we emailed her but here’s what she has to say about herself ….

“I’m a 22-year-old illustrator, kidult, quasi-hikikomori, incurable introvert who wants to stay at home and draw forever. I’m drawing for the vilified teenage girl; dealing in themes of subverted femininity, vulnerability, the girlhood self, bone-deep sadness, surrealism, gore, cute dessert things, erotica and sometimes/often tentacles. I’m inspired by tumblr and our changing relationship with image – that is, image as a commodity that can be appropriated for self-expression regardless of context -, depictions of women in media, other illustrators, weird shit on the internet and in days gone by, animanga. I consider geeks, nerds, dorks, outsiders and weirdos pretty good friendship material.”

BTW, Gillian told us that some of the works featured above are WIP.

The ADM Grad Show opens on May 10 and runs until May 19 at the School of Art, Design and Media.



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