Singapore Design Week: Design Futures

(from the press release)

An exhibition by the Design Incubation Centre, Division of Industrial Design, School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore; The Design Futures exhibition will be held at the National Design Centre of Singapore, in conjunction with the Singapore Design Week 2014.

What is the future landscape of design in Singapore? What new possibilities are there for the practice of design and what are the tools that will be relevant to the new generation of designers to navigate this changing terrain? These are some of the questions the Design Incubation Centre (DIC) has set out to investigate since its inception.

The exhibition will showcase research, projects and capabilities developed both in the Centre and in the Division of Industrial Design. Featured projects include Roly Poly, which touches on the realm of augmented sensibilities; Fusilli App, which allows users to customise bracelets through hand gestures, medical projects such as Functional Prosthetic Finger and interactive games like Pump-O-Mania.

The exhibition also features a 3D Scanning Event; “Collective Consciousness in 3D – An invitation to be digitised in 3D”. Part art installation, part documentation, part archival, the event invites the public to have themselves digitised in 3D using the 3D Scanning Technology. These 3D versions are available on a website for viewing, downloading or 3D printing.

The exhibition runs from 8 till 16 March at the National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road.



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