The NONG Pop-Up Store

You may have heard the buzz about the NONG Pop Up Store sitting high above the urban sprawl on the rooftop of People’s Park Complex. But do you know the details of what is actually happening and when?

The store is run by Edible Gardens, a movement that aims to promote urban farming in Singapore. The retail space is a collaborative effort with and features a mix of sustainably sourced, upcycled and locally designed kitchenware, furniture, stationery and gardening equipment. Together, they hope to promote growing your own food at home, and helping people live sustainably and meaningfully with design.

This February the NONG project will turn into a platform dedicated to workshops, culminating in a Farmer’s Market on February 28 where local restaurants like The Cajun King and Morsels will set up store and cook food using the first harvests from the farm at NONG.

Workshop schedule:

  • The principles of Organic gardening. Feb 8 and 16 10am-11am, Feb 9 and 15 2pm-3pm. An introduction to how to garden and what to look out for when gardening organically. Bjorn will share tips on organic growing and his experiences working with plants in the tropics and in the temperate climate.
  • Making plant babies, propagating herbs. Feb 8 and 16 2pm-3pm, Feb 9 and 15 10am-11am. A hands-on workshop by Rob on how to increase the number of herb plants at home so you never need to buy another pack of basil.
  • Urban beekeeping. Feb 22, 2pm-3pm, Feb 23 10am-11am. A talk on urban beekeeping by Thomas our resident beekeeper. Sharing with you insights into the world of apiary and the ups and downs of beekeeping in tropical Singapore
  • An introduction to permaculture. Feb 22, 2pm-3pm, Feb 23, 10am-11am.A talk by Imran and Alex on permaculture, the principles behind this design philosophy and how you can apply it to both your garden design and your daily life.

All this is happening on the rooftop of People’s Park Complex, 6th floor, access by Residential lift near KFC. See you there!



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