Lovers These Days … by #twogirlsonecard

#twogirlsonecard is the new go-to label for cool, colourful illustrations and craft works, bringing together the skills of illustrators Teeteeheehee (Teresa) and PAYNK (Sharon). Today we focus on their spanking new Valentine’s Day collection “Lovers These Days…

“Lovers These Days…”, is a collection of Valentine’s Day cards that will change what people expect of a greeting card. These beautifully illustrated, slightly girly but generally unisex cards contain lists to check off, tables to complete, statements to select from and blanks to fill in, making writing and receiving a card much more fun but nonetheless sincere. This quirky series targets different sorts of lovers that the two artists observe these days. Humorous, love-drenched but not overtly romantic, these cards help those who find it hard to write sweet confessions from scratch and for those who find it easy, this is yet another reason to just have fun this season of love.”

I suggest you hop over to their site to admire the witty fruits of their collab in close-up. Yes, do it now.



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