CNY: Naiise Things For Good Fortune

Choy Charm Keychain designed by Singapore Souvenirs with FARM  – Choy Charm Necklace designed by Singapore Souvenirs with FARM – Huat Kueh Tote Bag designed by Wheniwasfour – Pigxel Piggy Bank by Randy Chan, ZARCH COLLABORATIVES – Everybody Huat Ah T-Shirt designed by Statement – Peranakan Coffee Table designed by art from junk –  A Bag of Gold designed by Yong Jieyu – Hong Bao designed by FARM.

Our new outfit is finally hanging in our closet. So, what else needs to be done as we gear up for CNY? We need to stock up on stuff to boost our good fortune of course.

The Naiise folks have a serious way with the art of shopping for quirky-cool design products, and they curated a collection just for us. Think a block of wood to dispel and neutralise unlucky omens, a Huat Kueh representing wealth and prosperity, a T that says “Everyone, let’s get rich” and more.




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