Mountains and Tides by Pitch Feather

(from the press release)

Pitch Feather is an indie rock band piloted by Chuan and Alberta – a husband-and-wife duo with a keen DIY spirit and eagerness for artistic collaboration. Their self-produced debut full-length album “Mountains and Tides” was independently released online on 28th October.

Thematically, the 12-track album contemplates life, death, kinship, hope and love – the things that make us human. The album title represents the struggles and hardships of a journey in search of freedom, and the album is dedicated to every free spirit pursuing his/her dreams.

Elements of folk, baroque pop and almost everything in between can be heard in this album. Songs like “Painter’s Symphony” and “Lavender Girl” illustrate the band’s explorative and artistic approach to music – a principle that no two songs should ever be alike. On the album, each song is written like a soundtrack to a story, evoking vivid images in the listener’s mind.

Pitch Feather believes that people have the power to take charge of their own lives and be free. This album is a reflection of their freedom. The band writes, records, produces and promotes their own music from their home studio, remaining fully involved in the entire process of album production.

“Mountains and Tides” is available online in physical CD and digital download format.



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