Spotted! Matthew Sia

“Always be curious. To understand something is not being able to define or describe the subject. Instead, taking something that I already know and making it unknown thrills me. It refreshes and deepens my understanding of the subject. ”

Matthew Sia is fresh out of his BA in Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication, focusing on Design for Interaction and Moving Image. He enjoys working across a broad spectrum of media and materials, high-tech, low-tech and no-tech, and agrees that the only boundaries are set by the imagination and creative ideas hold sway over technology. Matthew’s work is often about playfulness, humor and social interaction.

About Applejack 45s: “You could say it is a typology of records. I made a record of a song called Applejack using different materials. It would be silly to expect the music to match the quality of the actual record. However the end results from some of the materials sound surprisingly good. “Applejack 45s” is my most recent work motivated by Haptic considerations. The term Haptic means relating or pleasant to the sense of touch. To put it plainly the term here indicates an attitude that takes into consideration how we perceive things with our senses. For Applejack 45s I used three of our senses -sight, hearing and touch- and I focused on tactile sensitivities through the use of materials. Materials are not the only components in design, but materials and means are the reason for my explorations. Only through a study of each material I was able to optimize their potential. Through this project I have discovered the emotional qualities in materials that invoke our senses. I went beyond vinyls, by making impressions of records onto different types of materials. To observe the interplay of materials and sound, one can sense the effects of texture and sound. Microscopic scans of the different record grooves were taken at the Natural History Museum in London.”

Now sit back, get your headphones on and submit to the grooves of the Applejack.



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