Spotted! Bradley James Foisset

Bradley James Foisset is a recent graduate of LASALLE and a winner of LASALLE’s Faculty Awards for Academic Excellence. He is a multidisciplinary artist from Buffalo, New York, who has resided in Singapore since 2010. An emerging artist to watch, Bradley is a recipient of the Winston Oh Travel Award 2012 and his works have been exhibited at platforms such as Art Stage Singapore 2013 and Lit Up 2013: The Indie Arts Festival. He has taken part in public art exhibitions in Singapore as well as community projects in the region including a project with the Youth Olympic Games Gallery Singapore, developing artworks to stimulate and involve the community.

“My artistic interest lies in everyday objects, embracing objects that others would consider trash by weaving them into my art. I am currently working on my first solo exhibition and I am an art instructor at several local secondary schools. I have also worked as an instructor at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre and National Library Board.”

About his inspiration, he says that, “I am inspired by arts utility as cultural production. My works have a quality that reflects my existence in contemporary society. My main conceptual concern is how to frame a postmodern landscape with new tools and insight.”




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