The Lomography Blue Hour Sessions

The LOMOGRAPHY BLUE HOUR SESSIONS, is a six-part series featuring collaborations with a roster of local bands and graphic artists to press special edition, limited release EPs with live and unplugged recordings, culminating in a series of monthly Blue Hour gigs and exhibitions at the Lomography Gallery Store.

(from the press release)

Drawn from the French expression l’heure bleue, The Blue Hour refers to the time before nightfall when the sun slips from sight and the sky falls into a deep blue – this hour of day seen to hold special significance because of the possibilities for unexpected collisions, liaisons, delirium.

From November  2013 to April 2014, the Lomography Blue Hour Sessions runs every last Saturday of the month, with each session turning the spotlight on collaborative efforts between some of the most exciting bands and graphic artists of our generation. Expect live sets with visual and audio installations providing a sensory and sonic experience, as well as the launch of special edition EPs (limited to a first-run of 36 copies) featuring rough cuts, unreleased demos, analogue prints and zine artwork by the bands and graphic artists.

We are looking to put the spotlight back on local bands and graphic artists with these Blue Hour Sessions and we’re setting out to:

Get Experimental

  • Bands and graphic artists are supplied a Lomography camera and films to experiment with and develop crazy new artwork, content for these one-off limited-run EPs, as well as music vids and collaterals – working with mind-bending multiple exposures, splitzer shots; think Gondry-esque juxtapositions
  • Bands are stripping tracks back and experimenting with acoustic percussive instruments at these Blue Hour Sessions for added edge or a whole new sound

Document groundbreaking work in the local music scene

  • Well it’s high time someone documented band activity in Singapore, especially seminal, cutting edge collaborations with graphic artists to renew and fuel interest in the local underground music scene
  • We’re resurrecting zines, EP sleeves and splashing fab artwork + photography across all covers
  • Building an archive/vault of zines documenting all groundbreaking work in the local music scene
  • And exhibiting all work at/after gigs


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