For the second part of our TRANSMISSION: KINGDOM OF- special we introduce you to apprentices Jake Wu and Roy Wang.

Take it away guys …

Jake Wu is an artist and illustrator adept at digital as well as a variety of natural media including  oils, acrylics, inks, charcoals and watercolors.

The Apprentice
“Being born in the multicultural society of Singapore, I had opportunity to learn different art forms and techniques found within the region. I seek tranquillity in my artwork, often choosing to paint in a fragile and sensitive way that will convey thoughts and emotions.”

The Experience
“I think one of the most important lessons that I’ve learned from PHUNK is about curating an art exhibition. There are so many hidden factors that play an important role in shaping an exhibition. I used to be like an art decorator, painting only pretty pictures without thinking much. After Transmission, I’ve started to spend more time conceptualizing my ideas, giving my artwork another layer of depth. The past half year of 2013 has been a very meaningful and special period for me. I’ve spent countless of hours, weaving wires and painting repetitive patterns. At first, it was frustrating and exhausting. However, after struggling for weeks, I felt my mind has been emptied. And what a relief that can be. I hope to bring more work to you the next time with this new direction that I have found.”

Rebirth by Jake Wu

The Works
“Rebirth” draws inspiration from a short story -Goldfish on the Roof- by Yasunari Kawabata. Reducing our universe to just a plain canvas, we are more aware of how insignificant and small any one of us is. “Emptiness”. The fragility of One contributes to life’s uncertainty. Death is inevitable. It is the natural culmination of every embodied being. It comes in an unexpectedly moment. By then, our precious body is of no help to us. We have to leave it behind like a shell, an empty husk, an overcoat. Then that is the way of life cycle in the phenomenal created world.”

Roy Wang has worked as a Graphic Designer/Artist for the past five years. In 2009, he founded Factory 1611, an Art & Design studio, dealing with design strategy, branding, art direction, graphic design and fine art.

The Apprentice
“In my works, the distinctions between Art and Design are often blurred to create unconventional compositions across all mediums. I believe in combining Art and Design principles in my works as to me, Art depicts and expresses an experience, whereas Design manages through the conveyance of a message. Good Art, or good Design, makes us feel something. Good Art absorbs good Design principles, whereas good Design can be conveyed through striking artistic values. Both are closely linked. I also believe that as artists, we’re not technicians, we’re magicians.”

The Experience
“This mentorship program has allowed me to gain new awareness and perceptibility towards art making, upon working with this group of highly talented artists from various backgrounds. The exchange of ideas and different insights during our weekly sessions presents unique viewpoints that are often inspiring and thought-provoking. Practising art in this way is certainly food for the soul, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of this experience. I guess the need to challenge and push beyond one’s comfortable boundaries is one major takeaway from this experience. Very often, we learn from one another through the sharing of ideas, and these new ways of seeing or understanding a subject or matter would not have been possible without this platform for collaboration.”

After Dark by Roy Wang

The Works
A Transient Summer is a four meters tall kinetic installation that explores the notion of mono-no-aware, loosely translating to the awareness for the transience of things, an important notion in Zen Buddhism. It focuses on the interdependence of memory and consciousness by examining the invisible boundaries between time and space.
By placing the viewer in the dark depths of the structure, the experience creates a spatial divider between the viewer and the sky above. As the light travels across the sky mimicking the movement of earth around the sun, its rays are cast all around the viewer in that one singular moment when the sun is right overhead, before returning the viewer to a state of alienation shortly. Carrying an emotional depth, the natural phenomena effortlessly evokes in the viewer empathy towards the inevitable passing of all things, but yet the subconscious realization of its immense beauty by celebrating its very state of impermanence. After Dark is an interpretation of Japanese author Haruki Murakami’s acclaimed novel of the same title, specifically the last scene of the story, during the transient moment where dawn envelops the chaotic and emotional depth of the night. The work seeks to recreate the definition of space and life by articulating a tension between the mundane patterns of the everyday and the forces spurred on by the burst of this intangible state.”

The group exhibition opens on 19 September and runs through 29 September at PHUNK, 118-8 Tanjong Katong Road. Opening hours: Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) 12:00pm to 6:00pm, Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) 11:00am to 7:00pm.



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