TRANSMISSION, an experimental laboratory and incubatory platform organized by PHUNK, will be holding its third group art exhibition in a couple of weeks. The exhibition, titled TRANSMISSION: KINGDOM OF, will showcase exciting new works by six young apprentices that come from varying disciplines and backgrounds.

Starting today, we will introduce you to the six apprentices, their work at the lab, and their experiences of being under the mentorship of one of Singapore’s leading creative studios.

Off we go …

Sara Ang is a recent Business Management graduate of the Singapore Management University who has found herself consumed by a passion to communicate through creative means, including songwriting, singing, photography and the visual arts.

The Apprentice 
“Creating art that engaged the audience was always my vision and coming from a non-arts background never stopped me; in fact, it was in SMU that I spearheaded a visual arts exhibition that brought art to the students’ doorsteps by installing works in the everyday spaces of the campus.Very much inspired and motivated by my belief in God, I always seeks to provoke thought about one’s identity and purpose on earth through my art. While not restricted to a particular medium, I have a preference for installation art and art that requires audience interaction. I am very much interested in themes of life and death and commonly incorporates elements of nature such as plants and earth, as well as glass, being fascinated by its dual properties of transparency and reflectivity.”

The Experience
“I’ve enjoyed the brainstorming process for the exhibition’s theme as it was facilitated in a novel way that surfaced interesting results and allowed us to gain a significant starting point. I’ve learnt that two really is sometimes better than one; it was through collaboration with both peers and experienced mentors from such diverse backgrounds and disciplines that I was able to receive many different perspectives that helped me to develop my artwork effectively. I have learned to value respect for others even more highly; whether or not we agree or possess the same knowledge or experience, there is always something to take away from listening to others when I receive their feedback with a humble spirit.

As White As Snow by Sara Ang.

The Works
“For this exhibition I’m working on two pieces – an installation work and a collaborative piece. For my installation work, “Dwell”, I’m recreating a tomb that viewers are invited to enter and dwell. The tomb is the least likely location for a dwelling place, but it is where strangely, the person can come alive. Within the four walls that seem to restrain, the viewer experiences quite the contrary: freedom. Constructed out of four mirror panels gradually frosted upward that reflect a bed of grass, what could be a confining space comfortable for two becomes a landscape that stretches into infinity. Both inviting and intimidating, viewers are confronted by what may potentially be their worst fears: death and life. The collaborative work “As White As Snow” is a photographic piece based on the fairy tale Snow White as I explore elements of innocence and corruption by playing Snow White myself. A bite out of the poisonous apple and Snow White – the epitome of innocence – fell presumably dead, and yet, seemed very much alive with her red lips and rosy cheeks. I find myself quite intrigued by its parallel to the story of Adam and Eve and its apt representation of the human condition – a perpetual state of tension between life and death.”

Former student from SKEMA Business School, with a Master’s degree in Marketing & Communication, Tiphaine Guillermou recently graduated from LASALLE in Design Communication.

The Apprentice
“I am Tiphaine Guillermou aka Tiff in Singapore (my facebook page proving that Singapore is not a boring city) having the best job on the planet: freelance designer/artist for awesome companies like Fred Lives Here and Sunshine Nation, working with my hands and imagination with any kind of medium. I am French but grew up all around the globe, learning English with cowboys and Spanish in the Caribbean. Always on the move, I landed in Singapore to study arts. After reading Patrick Süskind’s novel “Perfume” I became absolutely fascinated with scents. My cruel passion for vanilla and fragrances brought me to work 1,5 years in prestigious luxury fragrance companies in Paris. There, I made sure to work on the creative side: designing accessories, jewelry, merchandising tools or products.”

The Experience
“Meeting with PHUNK and the team of apprentices every week reminded me of my studies in LASALLE. We shared our work process and by doing so we brought up new ideas to improve our work. All of us have very different profiles so it was great to see how we complemented each others through concepts. This programme was a challenge because we had to work on our own and come up with both the concept and physical realization of the artwork. Finding a way to build a cocoon without being an expert caterpillar or sourcing the raw material was sometimes very tricky. But the artistic result and expectations about this exhibition made me want to make my best to achieve it, no matter what, even if I were in a new creative zone. I’ve learnt to procrastinate efficiently especially when I didn’t know how to deal with achievement issues, and to try things out to obtain a result worth the expectations.”

Le Parfum by Tiff.

The Works
Kingdom Of – /” My cocoon is purely emotional. Poetic and threatening. It has no name, because names give meanings –and I want viewers to find a meaning of their own. People shall see want they want to see, and feel whichever emotions rise in them. My Kingdom Of is a little yours, too. “Le Parfum” represents The Perfume by P. Süskind –as I do find great poetry in this human collection. The morbid fascination Grenouille has for women’s scent keeps him alive. The 10 captured bodies dandling in glass bottles are nothing about death, but life itself. Being intangible, perfumes are impossible to represent, yet their scent is everywhere around us, free.”

TRANSMISSION: KINGDOM OF- opens 19 September and shows until 29 September at PHUNK, 118-8 Tanjong Katong Road. Opening hours: Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) 12:00pm to 6:00pm, Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) 11:00am to 7:00pm.



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