Project Plug: The Barbershop Reading Project

The guys at BooksActually are a whirlwind of initiatives, and for that we blooming love them. This time they tickled our fancies with a banger of a project aimed at spreading the word of local literature to the heartlands.

So, how exactly does this work ? Culturepush reaches out to head honcho Kenny Leck to find out more: “We are seeding books from our publishing arm, Math Paper Press, at barbershops and hair salons islandwide. The team chose to target barbershops as people usually pick up magazines or books while getting a haircut. Our team has gone around Singapore for the past 2 months, seeding our titles in any barbershops which are receptive to us placing our books there. We pick out titles which are more accessible to the public so we refrain from distributing books with sensitive content. Our main aim is really to spread the word about local literature so we don’t keep track of whether the copies are still there or whether it’s been pinched by their customers. We are more than happy to have the customers take back the books with them! Right now we have seeded about 90 barbershops in Singapore and this will be an ongoing project for us. We aim to seed at least 15 to 20 barbershops a month and hopefully have MPP titles readily available in barbershops and hair salons island wide.”



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