Asian Comics Collection

Today we give a nod to the Asian Comics Collection project on Indiegogo, featuring a stunning collection of digital comic titles from Singapore.

Ho Wan of Orgnix Creatives sat down with us and gave us an insight into the project.

“The project collects the works of more than 12 creators and there is a wonderful range of genres: drama, humor, action, sci-fi and culture. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, the comic titles in this project do not fully represent the great pool of local comic creators. There are comic creators that we did not manage to contact, as well as a few who are unable to participate for various reasons.

It’s undeniable that there is an upward trend towards digital books. This region is still lagging behind the U.S in terms of digital books adoption but there’s no doubt that this trend is picking up here. There is still a good number of comics in this region that have not tapped into the digital books market segment. It could be due to consumer behaviour, lack of platform, not sure how to go about it etc. So that inspired us to launch a comics and illustration digital book store, with a strong focus on content from small publishers and indie creators.

One of our key objectives is to promote digital books in our region to the rest of the world that would normally have no access to or not heard of them. A digital book store would also be able to offer content at a much economical price to readers since digital books are cheaper and no shipping cost is involved.

Our Indiegogo project serves as a test ground before we go into full development of our comics and illustration e-book store. We believe there are a few important lessons that we can take away at the end of this project. Things like promotion channel, type of digital books preferred etc.

Lessons aside, we certainly hope that we can raise funds for the development of our e-book store as well as reward the creators for the hard work they put into producing their work.”



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