Spotted! Arai

Raihana Abdul Rahman aka Arai is a recent graduate from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Illustration Design. Inspired by the work of Mark Ryden, Steve Simpson and Lora Zombie, Arai likes to inject her illustrations with secret messages and outpourings of sarcasm.

Arai likes to work with ink; drawing pen, ball pen, fountain pen, you name it. “The etching and rough criss cross of each shading that shapes the tone and gives the illustration more character is what I love most about using ink. Colour wise I either use digital coloring or watercolor to give the drawing some life.”

Making fun of stuff and distorting images is a big part of Arai’s creative process. “That is my way of making my work more interesting. If I get a laugh at the end of process, it’s a concept worth drawing. Recently I also got together with a writer friend to work on a comic – or maybe even a fiction novel – injecting horror fiction into my illustrations.”

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