Spotted! Alfonsus Wong

For Alfonsus Wong, a recent Visual Communication graduate from at ADM (NTU), it became clear that the fantastical world of dragons, monsters, warriors and ninja turtles that filled his teenage years was probably a good path to try and head down.

Here’s Alfonsus himself to tell us a little about that: “Mom swears they were the first things I drew- muted somewhat by the stricter requirements of O and A level art. University life probably changed that. Four years ago I wouldn’t touch graphic design with a 10-foot pole, but I took Visual Communication over animation hoping to understand better and harness the communicative potential of images. I am still no designer, but what I strive to do in my work now is very different. The fantasy stuff is still around, but toned down to make room for a different subject matter.

I always strive for beauty. This sort of stems from my personal need for honesty. There’s no point calling my work my own if I don’t make decisions based on what I honestly believe in. I believe that people respond and are naturally drawn to beauty, which isn’t limited to pretty pictures. Ideas and designs well thought out, paintings and drawings executed with virtuosity, these I find really beautiful. Sometimes I think I try too much. I think too much, and get confused on occasions. The major thing I’ve yet to resolve in my work is consistency. I’ve never really been able to stick to the same workflow when I do an illustration/painting, always tweaking the process for every new project …”



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