The Child’s Play Challenge

The penchant for creating something out of the simplest things in life – an inclination that one is only familiar with as a child, has been tucked away by many. Inevitably bogged down with reservations and self-doubts along the many years of growing up, adults tend to be more reserved, and are no match for a child’s fearless ability to create. We dared more to draw on walls as a child than as an adult. The Dulux Child’s Play Challenge originated with the agenda of reigniting this child-like desire to explore and create.

Do you remember the last time you went crazy on a wall? It’s great to see Dulux bring that memory back to life with The Child’s Play Challenge. Over the first weekend of June, four aspiring artists, Qixuan Lim, Ly Yeow, Lara Loi and Shon Touw, (my homies from OIC Singapore!) were handpicked and presented with the challenge of recreating spaces with toys and objects related to childhood. Taking place in three different parts of Singapore, the Dulux Child’s Play Challenge tasked participants with the creation of a two by two meter feature wall, using the most unusual mix of painting tools to aid them in this ambitious DIY project. All four artists were provided with a Dulux Child’s Play Challenge box, which consisted of old-school acrylic stencils, potatoes, sponges, plastic toy cars and shape molds – no different from tools we once used as children to paint our art projects.

Qixuan Lim

Ly Yeow

Lara Loi

Shon Touw

Now where’s MY Dulux Child’s Play Challenge box???

1. View the artworks
2. Dulux Singapore
3. OIC Singapore



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