Spotted! Kenny Low

Fascinated by construction sites, Kenny Low – an undergratuate from the Glasgow School of Art (Singapore) – sees the rare beauty of often unattractive architecture, and transforms it into something ethereal.

“It began with the thought that construction is a nightmare. Construction scars the earth. It destroys nature, eating it up bit by bit, overtaking what once was natural. You see it everywhere; on roads, in schools and even beside your house.  In this fast paced society we only care about the finished product. But if we slow down a little, we realize that this process is so very important. After all, without construction we will not have buildings fit for the growing population. This led me to my investigation of construction sites. After visiting many sites, I began to see construction in a different light. I started to see how it can be beautiful. The unpainted wall seen through dust-nets and the wired structure of the buildings is something we don’t see in the polished result. Each construction site is unique in its own way. The cranes that stand above the buildings, reach for the sky, emanating a strange sense of peace, while at night the buildings stand illuminated like some showy fun fair. This intriguing beauty challenged me to further explore the possibilities of this “brave new world”. I wanted to make a distorted and mirrored maze, to replicate an unreal environment. As I reflected these images, I was astonished by how the pictures matched perfectly in ways, which the environment could, actually exists.This process of matching and mirroring the photographic images began to show a hidden and curiously surreal and futuristic vision. Construction buildings morphed into robotic creatures, starships and mystical islands floating in the sky. Others appeared as an endless maze stretching towards a floodlit horizon.It has also proven to be a transformation of how I see Singapore’s construction sites and of my attitude to what constitutes beauty.”




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