ONIKAGI: Wallets for Humanity

Designer Jackson Aw has already earned a reputation for creating designer film cameras and designer art figures. He now teams up with Ken, a fellow designer and specialist in leather camera cases, to channel his creativity into the making of a 100% socially responsible modular leather wallet.

Jackson: “Ken and I had the chance to work on some projects together. One day, I was sharing with him a book that I just read, “Start Something that Matters” by TOMS shoes founder, Blake Mycoskie. I was really influenced by it. That’s when Ken suggeste I tag along on one of his visits to the leather craftsmen in Bandung, Indonesia. I was introduced to Ohim, a leather craftsman. We stayed with him for a night, understanding his work as a craftsman. We also got an insight into his daily problems: health problems due to air pollution, water contamination, spreading of diseases, being unable to pay for medical help, dangerous housing, food shortages. When we returned from the trip, we decided to put our skills to good use. After 6 months of dedication, ONIKAGI – wallets for Humanity, was born.”

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