“Watch Local” on the SGFilm Youtube Channel

Film still from Sink by Kirsten Tan.

Local and international audiences can now watch Singapore short films online as part of “Watch Local”, an initiative started in 2012 by the Singapore Film Commission (SFC) to drive local appreciation and support of Singapore films.

This year’s edition of “Watch Local” continues online and includes the SGFilm Channel which is hosted on YouTube. Besides short films – films of duration below 30 minutes – the channel will also show trailers of upcoming feature films by local film directors.

Every quarter, a total of 10 new titles will be released for online viewing. From 30 April onwards, one film will be released per week in this order:

1) The New World – K Rajagopal
2) Sink – Kirsten Tan
3) No Joke Burma – Li-Anna Huang
4) A Day without Wind – Victric Thng
5) Monster Bride – Jodie Koh, Wesley Loh and Hong XiangRong
6) Xiao Fu – Ang Soo Koon
7) Fighting Fit – Sulaiman Salamon
8) Daydream – Gozde and Russel Zehnder
9) Quietly – Oon Jit Fong
10) Bloom – Srinivas Bhakta



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