Spotted! Clarence Valerius Wee

“With everything so based on wanting things done fast and efficiently,
a handwritten card slows you down and helps you appreciate the delicate yet uncompromising work of the details on the card.”

We love the human touch in writing, so imagine our delight in coming across the work of Clarence Valerius Wee. His personalised bespoke calligraphy has been picked up by the likes of CHANEL, Mulberry and Raffles Hotel, and you can see why.

“When I was in Poly, I leaned towards an interest in Typography and that kind of stuck. As I progressed out of school, I became more and more hands on with type, trying to understand the form and practicing. And with time, I felt that with all this practice, to really understand Typography would be to go back to the basics which meant, Calligraphy. With that said, I just started to do mock-ups of wedding invites and envelopes and putting them up online. I enjoy doing calligraphy because I believe it’s the thought that counts and having a handwritten work conveys more sincerity.”



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