Spotted! Clayrene Chan

“Most of my work explores the notion of self and deducted my personal needs for the desired facade and fantasies of being a different personality, i.e. a princess.”

Clayrene Chan  puts pink candy-cotton fun into her art and makes it all look a little brighter. The thing about the gorgeous-looking images is not just the eye-candy though; it’s all about a girl’s lifelong dream to become a princess …

Cotton Candy Fantasy ” was inspired by the quote “Dreams are on Cotton Candy, sweet yet fragile”.  I have tried to depict the fragility of my dream and fantasy but was killed by reality. Like what cotton candy tastes like, it seemingly flawless melts as soon as it reaches your mouth, and shrinks by the touch of air. The fragility forms an analogy with my impossible dream of becoming a princess since young. My works are portraying the imperfections that reveal the gradual realization of realities and the concept of emptiness in fantasy.”

“My work consists of installation, photography and wearable art, from “The Princess fantasy“ to my most recent project “Que Sera Sera’’ (last image), I intend to explore the context of my alter ego and the different stages of my life through my art. From the process of making paper costumes, a medium which I use to explore vulnerability, it has become significant in my work to pursue my impossible princess dream.”

Clayrene received a Lee Foundation Scholarship and graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Fine Arts(Western Painting). She also holds a BFA (HONS) from Loughborough University. Her Cotton Candy Installation was  listed as Young Blood: NAFA Lastest Graduates by Artitude Online Magazine in July 2012. Her photography work was selected to show at the EMOA Space Gallery in New York as part of the Falling into Fashion Exhibit. Clayrene had her first Solo Art Exhibition – The Cotton Candy Fantasy – at the French Book Shop in December 2012.




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