Spotted! Limzy

Kids will stuff their face full of Lim Zhi Wei’s fruit and veggie compositions. With scenes varying in degrees of cuteness from a picnic under a Nutella cereal tree to leaping kiwi frogs and rice pandas munching on nori, what’s not to love?

Lim Zhi Wei (or Limzy, as she likes to call herself) is a diploma graduate from the 2011 NAFA batch, with a major in Western painting. 

“After stepping into society, I realised there’s almost never time to touch on anything art related, so I decided to do little projects. Every week or month, I gave myself a theme/topic to work on, and I aptly named it ‘An Art a Day’; just something simple and light-hearted, something everyone can relate to. For this month, I joined #creativemarch on Instagram, a group focused on creating artworks using edible materials. It enables me to look at food in a whole new perspective. I will take notice of the textures, shapes and sizes, use all sorts of tools I’ve never used before, and most importantly, I’ve been using the kitchen pretty much every day this month.”



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