Singapore Icon Studio Project

HDB by Chang Shian Wei.

The Dancing Joaquim by Quiet Studio.

Days of Lightning by ampulets.

Tembusu by Desinere.

 National Bird of Singapore by Relay Room.

“An icon is symbolic. It can represent a set of beliefs, or values. It speaks of a particular time and place, a people and their culture.”

Today we are slobbering unashamedly at  S U P E R M A M A‘s  new project where five local design studios were invited to produce a graphic focussed around  Singapore icons. Lovely!

About the project:

The Singapore Icons Studio Project is initiated by S U P E R M A M A to create a collection of ceramic ware with Japanese ceramic company KIHARA INC. The Project’s key design intent is to explore the possibility of identifying, beyond the Merlion, new Singapore icons. Five designers and design studios were invited to take part in this Project, and their exploration of what these new Singapore icons can be is launched as a collection of ceramic ware under S U P E R M A M A’s new label Democratic Society .

The ceramic wares can be bought at S U P E R M A M A at SAM 8Q.

Photo credit: Meng Kwang.



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