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Intergenerational bonding is a rising social issue in Singapore today because of the lack of communication and age segregation between the different generations. Hence, people see the importance to further boost the amicable relationships between the different generations. There are efforts in the society to forge intergenerational bonding, but there is one event that hopes to address it by using sound – an unconventional medium – to improve interpersonal relationships and to connect memories of different generations as one.

(from the press release)

On Sonic Art is a live sound art performance that takes a less familiar art form and introduces it to a wider audience. Through this performance, Singaporean sound artists Hector Lee (26), Charlene Looi (30) and Jon He (27) aim to challenge the audience to look at everyday sounds and art in a different way by presenting them with new ideas.

The performance will be conceptualized through online audio submissions that are contributed by the public through an open call, utilizing new media technology and social networking platforms to engage the public. The sounds that they submit can be an intimate sound such as the voice of a parent singing a lullaby or popularized sounds such as the polyphonic ringtone of an old Nokia mobile phone.

Through this showcase, On Sonic Art seeks to create a collection of sounds that define each individual in Singapore and what sounds mean to them. The live performance will present a hybrid installation that features a multi-channel surround sound system that organizes and spatialize the contributed recordings.

The performance will be followed by a post show talk with the artists, where they will shed light on their thought processes when they were creating the works. The session is also aimed at educating the public about sound art and letting them have an intimate experience with a unique art form.

On Sonic Art is part of the i-AM 2013 Festival and will take place on March 2 at the Play Den (The Arts House) from 8pm to 9.30pm. Click here to book your ticket.



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