i’m(perfect): Empowering Voices

Opening this Friday at LASALLE’s Creative Cube is i’m(perfect): Empowering Voices,  a theatre production that explores pertinent ideas and sentiments surrounding the issue of body image and self esteem.  The show is part of the i-AM 2013 Arts Festival for social causes, conceptualized and organized by second-year BA (Hons) Arts Management students at the School of Arts Management at LASALLE College of the Arts.

We had a quick chat with Director Fairuz Atiqah, a final-year LASALLE BA (Hons) Theatre+Performance student.

Issues of body image and self-esteem … Why this topic?

Body image concerns undeniably affect everyone at some point in our lives. The themes surrounding body image are universal hence this topic was chosen as it serves as a common platform for everyone to relate and reflect. Also, I would love to explore issues of self-esteem as I believe that theatre can empower the audience to have a healthier perspective of themselves and their bodies. Ultimately, i’m(perfect) hopes to encourage the audience to have a meaningful conversation on what makes them perfect and beautiful as individuals.

The show will be an interactive theatre production. How will this work?

i’m(perfect) motivates the audience to participate and interact with the subject matter of the show. During the show, the audience will make a mental note on how to change the outcome of the show. In this interactive theatre show, the audience is able to make a difference to the show by rewriting the lines of the characters. By coming onstage to be in the shoes of the characters, the audience is able to suggest strategies on how to change the outcome of the show. Also, by looking at specific scenes which deal with issues like extreme exercising, serious body disorders and fad dieting, the audience is encouraged to suggest alternative solutions to these issues. Audience interaction with the show is vital so that the audience is able to form their own opinions on the issues raised. By the end of the show, it’s the act of doing -and not merely talking- that matters.

There will also be a Video installation to complement the show. Can you tell us about that?

To extend the artistic experience beyond the walls of the theatre, a video art exhibition created by Urich Lau Wai Yuen, will be set up in the foyer of the Creative Cube running between 27 February and 15 March. The audience will thus experience a new emerging art form to complement their interactive theatre experience. The video art exhibition lends an added dimension to the way we perceive the theme of body image, as the way Urich has interpreted the theme of “body perception” and “body image” is quite interesting and it’s rather intriguing to see how such themes are translated into the relatively new, innovative and some might say unusual medium of video art. It’s not an art form that many people are familiar with and we hope that holding it in conjunction with the theatre production would give audiences an eye-opening artistic experience.

Any other events surrounding the production?

Apart from the performance of i’m(perfect), the project consists of the aforementioned video art exhibition as well as an outreach talk conducted by AWARE Singapore, which will take place on the LASALLE Campus at 5pm on Saturday, between the matinée show (3PM) and the evening show (8PM).

i’m(perfect) shows on March 1 and 2, 3pm and 8pm at Creative Cube, Lasalle College of the Arts. 



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