Spotted! Calvin Chua

“I always knew I wanted to be an artist and my biggest influence was my mother, a housewife, but a creative one, she taught me how to use crayons and color pencils.”

Singapore-based Calvin Chua decided to spill his monsters all over our Monday morning, and they are scarily good.

An Animation major from the NTU School of Art, Design & Media, Calvin also spent three months at the Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, where he sharpened his Concept Art skills. On returning he started working as a Concept Artist and Matte Painter for Omens Studios.

“At NTU I picked up digital painting, but I was not a fan. The gig in LA totally changed me. I learned skills from artists working at Dreamworks, Disney, and from major games and movie designers. The art fundamentals were mentioned in every class, they were systematic and made sense, which made me realize that talent is really secondary and hard work comes first. I revisited digital painting and now I’m loving it!”

“The projects at Omen studios are all stylised 3D animation, so I do realistic monsters and mechs after work, and I always carry a sketchbook for doodling and life studies. I love working in traditional mediums, especially watercolors, it feels like using time and water to make art, which is very poetic.”




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