Consider (Singapore): Cadastre per Aspera by Bruce Quek

Consider (Singapore): Cadastre per Aspera by Bruce Quek is a single channel animated video projection of patterns of light derived from artificial lights observable in urban environments (skylines, streetlights, etc) and processed to resemble star maps.

“Stars are objects of persistent fascination, onto which we have projected meaning for thousands of years, Bruce continues. “Parallel to the growth of cities, light pollution has increased the difficulty of perceiving the stars. In the absence of starlight, artificial city lights became the most immediate alternative as a guide to navigating our urban environment, and the source for describing both the form and texture of the city. Consider (Singapore): Cadastre per Aspera is the first in a series of works, centred on major cities and urban centres.”

Bruce’s work is part of the Engaging Perspectives exhibition which runs until March 31 at Gillman Barracks – Blocks 1, 37, 38, and 39.



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