GoodEyeDeer presents Mall Invasion

Winner of Open Category
22-year-old multi-disciplinary designer Hong Ling Yang

“E.R.P. was conceptualised from the infamous complaining trait of Singaporeans. I believe the controversy surrounding this topic is close to the hearts of most citizens, hence, it would be a straightforward design many can relate to.”

1st Runner-up of Open Category
Head-hunter, Lee Chuen Li with her 2 daughters, Heather and Tara.

“After Heather’s and Tara’s first wrestling match with a chilli crab, we came up with their design, Culinary Art. We believe that food, and the love of it is what unites all Singaporeans. Our wish is for Singapore to continue celebrating its national pastime of culinary pleasures and multi-cultural diversity.”

Merit Award for Open Category
Artist and Illustrator, Mohammed Anwar Bin Rafiee.

“Singapore Icons is a mixture of influence from all things Singaporean – from famous local delicacies to the country’s surrounding greenery to architectures which constitute to the iconic skyline.”

1st Runner-up of Student Category
Researcher, Aaron Thong

“‘Eat, See, Conquer!’ is triggered by a classic favourite – Ice Kacang. Every time I see this desert, I am reminded of mountains.”

Held from 16 February to 3 March at The Arts House, GoodEyeDeer presents Mall Invasion is Singapore’s first T-shirt exhibition which showcases everyday Singaporeans’ personal interpretations and perspectives on the dot’s unique culture.

“The T-shirt designs were conceived from a competition named, “The Great T-shirt Hunt”, to dispute the perception that Singaporeans are apathetic and lack passion. At the end of the competition, ten individuals emerged triumphant with their various representations of Singapore’s unique way of life.”





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