Spotted! Bestiarum Vocabulum by Shi Chun

“Who [in this day and age] believes that the Hippocentaurus or the Chimaera ever existed? . . . The years obliterate the inventions of the imagination, but confirm the judgements of nature.” – Cicero, De Natura Deorum 2. 2 (trans. Rackham) (Roman rhetorician C1st B.C.).

“The human form as a subject of celebration and beauty has withstood the passage of time, whether in literature, dance, sculptures, paintings or other visual arts. However, the human form is not the subject of celebration in Bestiarum Vocabulum. Rather, we want to question and bend the rules of this tradition. This project celebrates imagination, the free form and the grotesque, seeking beauty in forms that are not human. The works are isolated and de-contextualized as the aim is not to create narratives or invoke references but focus on the forms. There is much exquisiteness to be found among the curves, shapes, volume, texture, and etc. in free form and there is a certain attraction in the grotesque we call twisted, yet only because the convention is otherwise. Then, probably, there can be much more enjoyment in appreciating things that you may never have noticed as “beautiful”.” — Shi Chun.

Rendered in B graphite pencil, the creatures and forms seemed to be suspended in between worlds possessing volume yet flat at the same time. They are as real as they are not while contained in each frame.

Shi Chun is a BFA in Visual Communication graduate from NTU ADM and spends her time doing “more pewpew, less QQ” in both virtual and real worlds.




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