Exhibition: Sew Searching

(from the press release)

Sew Searching is an exhibition about rejecting mass production. It features handmade plush toys and lifestyle products by local crafter, Sandy Ng of ‘Cookie Cutter’, and is curated by Yanda of ‘Do Not Design’.

In the face of cloned mails, machine regurgitated products and a prescribed route of convention, one treads a path fraught with challenges, when one does not want what many others do. This exhibition seeks to gather like-minded people to witness a journey of searching and the fruits of this search. It is an attempt to keep alive a creative community independent of huge corporations.

The exhibition will showcase plush toys, cushions, bags etc. culminated after 3 years of soul-searching, exploring and trying. They feature detailed handiwork as well as original and quirky designs which are the physical manifestations of a soul gradually freeing itself from the reins of convention while learning to imagine like a child. Each item is individually crafted out of a small workroom of a residential space. They are a form of self-expression and a way someone kept her head afloat the tsunami of commercialisation sweeping across our society. This theme of searching is also reflected in the installation of the exhibition, where a forest-like ambience is created with the use of branches.

Additionally, the exhibition features collaborations with seven local creatives who share our cause. Larry Peh of &Larry, Eeshaun, Kenny Leck of BooksActually, Jeremy Sherma, Holycrap, MessyMsxi and Darren Lee of Uniform each gave their own spin to a blank plush toy, to be showcased exclusively at the exhibition.

The exhibition runs from 19 till 26 January, 1pm to 8pm at the Math Paper Press Office, 62 Neil Road. Admission is free.



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