Spotted! Yan Asan

These colour-rich dancing quill feathers by LASALLE graduate Yan Asan are beautifully hypnotic. Yan was trained in the fundamentals of hyperrealism drawings and paintings at a very young age, and is now in an experimental stage of searching for her very own language in an art form. “I have a keen interest in portraying ideas and personal thoughts, normally based on past experiences, that touch on current social and communication issues. My hope is to enjoy art as I did when I was a kid.”

“The featured painting titled “The Dancing Quill” portrays a reflection of written experiences and emotions throughout the journey of life. A writing instrument that had done many justice globally through many centuries in terms of religion, history, education, philosophy, personal thoughts and many more. The spontaneous flow of the lines, as if replacing words, gradually developed into its own form leaving the freedom for the viewer to interpret it.”

Catch more of Yan’s work at the Pulse exhibition which runs till 30 November at the Maya Gallery.



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