Spotted! Dan Wong

Dan Wong is a commercial illustrator who earned the title of Artist from the village shaman 12 years ago, after going through a series of trials that involve gunfire, llamas, and for some reason, the Australian outback.

His work seeks to entertain audiences, much like a circus show, yet at the same time provoke sentiments and sensibilities—”like how you can see the futility of life in a cat chasing after a laser pointer. I am not afraid of entering the controversial realms of politics, religion, gender issues, or treading on any other such tender ground. I’m just afraid of the police that come to catch me when I do. Regardless, expect me to put my rudimentary illustrative skills to practical use, and touch on issues that touch you.”

Dan has worked on trading card game illustrations, computer game assets, children’s story books, and has only recently stepped into the mystical realm of fine arts. He has a BFA in Visual Communications, but is more proud of the fact that he can shoot an earring off someone else’s ear at a hundred metres with an M-16.

“I love to draw, and swear by the basics: Blood, Breasts, and Beasts. I someday hope to leave earth on a colony ship and settle down on another planet, preferably one where Kurt Cobain is still alive.”



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