Spotted! Scott Ng

Scott Ng is the designer behind UAOF  (Unite Asia One Fashion), a men’s label merging quintessentially Asia and apparel, inspired by a strong unity of well thought-out concepts and exceptional make – exuding quaint style with a distinct Asian culture.

The designer behind the label is Scott Ng, who is also the founder together with illustrator/designer Ben Quek of the UAOF store at Haji Lane.

Scott: “I was woking as a media designer in the branding and digital marketing space, but took the leap out, mostly because I wanted to try something different, and also because I wanted to help expand a part of the clothing manufacturing business of my family. One of the main reasons for making that leap was because Ben and I noticed a lack of ‘Asian’ identity within our country. I travel quite a bit, and got heavily inspired by trips down to Japan, Hong kong, Bangkok and Indonesia. I noticed that their local fashion, design and art influences are very strong, and they do take a lot of pride in it. The best part, their locals heavily support the movement too.  I felt that this sentiment was lacking in Singapore. Our country seems to be ad-plastered with imported American or European labels, which doesn’t seem to fit quite right with us in the first place, perhaps due to our skin tone, our hair color, our built … and of course, that lacking ‘Asian’ flair. We are after all, slightly smaller built compared to the other side of the world. I also wanted to let other countries know that we are also unique in our own ways culturally.”

“I do recognise that men these days are particular in their dressing. I admit that I’m one of them! One of my dreams was to transform mandarin collared shirts into modern shirts. Back then, people always had this mentality that mandarin collared shirts are ‘gosh, it looked so traditionally old’. I wanted to break this norm, and told myself ‘hey, asian gotta look asian’, thus created and conceptualised UAOF, quintessentially the essence of putting tinges of that Asian flair, details and cultural storytelling into the clothing. I’ve also researched and worked into the fit, colors etc., while keeping the approach simple, modern and minimal. For a collection to work, and a brand to connect, people must understand why the brand and the designs are in such a way, and what inspired or triggered it. The current F/W 2012 collection, Tale of Two Seasons is such an example. If you read it through, you will understand that the collection is a metaphor of something that is related to our region. The label has been around since January, so I’m looking forward to inspire more people from around the world to know that there is truly a unique menswear brand that is ‘Asian’ , and definitely from Singapore :) Hoping to encourage the creative community to be more bold and creative too!”



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