Spotted! Gema Putra

Gema Putra is a young multitalented music producer who is slowly making an impact in Singaporeʼs music scene. Coming from a family rich in music experience, this multi instrumentalist started making music at the tender age of 13. A lover of analog synthesizers, sub-bass and poly rhythms, Gemaʼs beats and pieces are filled with warm synths over a nice dosage of low-end frequencies and accompanied with smooth gliding keys.

(From the press release)

The third offering by the Syndicate imprint, Before marks the debut release from Gema. In this five-track EP, the multi-instrumentalist provides a deep sonic journey that explores the juxtaposition of cold and sparse polyrhythmic textures sprayed against the backdrop of warm synth melodies and sub-bass lines. The title track, “Before”, presents a perfect start to this atmospheric voyage where the various elements glide elegantly in and out of the piece as an introduction to the sound palette of the entire release. A sense of structure gets slowly built on “Runway” with beats that kick and click into the reverbdrenched soundscape. “Through You” exhibits Gemaʼs musical capability of slicing and layering processed vocal samples that results in a majestic sonic specter. With spine-tingling build-ups and drops, “Rush” is the closest to a dance-floor number for this set of tracks. Featuring Vandetta on vocal duty, “Ward” is an apt haunting soulful piece to round up this release. Elegant, disorienting and moving, Before brings back the importance of subtleties and details to musicality of electronic music.

All tracks can be streamed at the Syndicate bandcamp page. Check it out!



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