Spotted! Alif Sufian bin Samsiyar

Before Alif Sufian bin Samsiyar launched himself into using photographic elements in his art, he spent time as a visual artist, experimenting with ink, charcoal and pencils.  “Ironically, I always detested the use of any photographic aids in my earlier works, endearing myself to only freehand drawing and painting. I am always searching for new ways to produce art, so one day I started experimenting with photography. I was especially interested in the type of ink and paper used. I started to draw on the images using solvents and acids. This greatly gave me a fresh impetus in making new works and to further explore the techniques of image-making.”

Alif graduated from LASALLE, College of the Arts in 2009  with a Diploma in Fine Arts, and is now planning to run away from Sin City and hone his skills in Berlin. His works have been part of many group exhibitions at LASALLE. He was also selected for the 2012 World Event Young Artists in the city of Nottingham.



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